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After a house, the second-most expensive item most people buy during their lifetimes is a car. Naturally, a car is worthless if you're not able to drive it, and in most countries, you can't drive a car unless you have a license.

You obtain a license in the UK by passing your driving test, and preparation for your driving test is best done by hiring the services of a driving instructor or driving school. Driving lessons are typically expensive, so it's extremely important to select an instructor or school who will give you the most concise and dedicated path along which your driving education will progress.

The first step in achieving this is to make certain your chosen instructor or school is approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). The DSA are the government organisation who are responsible for the safety of road users. It is the DSA who will give you your test once your instructor has decided you have reached the required standard and are likely to pass. Statistics prove that a learner driver is much more likely to pass their test and be a safer and more responsible driver if they are instructed by a DSA-approved instructor.

To be certain your chosen driving instructor or school is DSA-approved you can simply ask them, but to be certain you should check for their badge that they are legally obliged to display in the windscreen of the car they use for instruction. A pink triangular badge indicates that the instructor is not yet fully qualified but are undertaking training to become a qualified driving instructor. A green hexagonal badge shows that your instructor is fully qualified.

To find a driving instructor local to you, you can search online (see links for the First Time Driver below), use a local directory or scan the local press for suitable advertisements. Some Driving Schools are UK-wide companies, such as the British School of Motoring, and as such can often offer you discounts on blocks of lessons booked with them.

You can also consider word-of-mouth as a suitable way of finding an instructor. Ask around your friends and family members to see if they know of an instructor who they had a satisfactory experience with when it came to learning how to drive. Make sure whoever they recommend is DSA-approved, of course.

Having your own set of wheels really releases you from the haphazard perils of public transport, so if you're thinking of joining the ranks of automobile owners make sure you make a considered choice when selecting your driving instructor or school.

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